INKLUZE animation factory

“Inkluze” is unexchangeable money.

From Gutsul mythology it is charmed coin that returns to owner after payment anyway by the mistic way.

INKLUZE animation factory specializes on producing high-quality 2D and 3D animations, computer graphic for movies and television, computer video games, commercial videos, products of visualisation. We propose wide choice of qualited services in any format or style. The best specialists of animation, VFX, design and management work in INKLUZE. It is young progressive and joined team. From the beginning INKLUZE creates only qualited production, that is why our customers become permanent.

Our adventeges:

  1. Qualited production for moderate price.
  2. We use different kinds of animation
  3. Individual approach for every customer
  4. Our qualified workers make reality of ideas which bring the desired result.